Honestly on Trial

What constitutes the truth?
Is it authority, forsooth?

Or is it something else altogether?
Something as fickle as the weather?

The truth lies in the scientific method.
Its process too tedious for lazy person.
Much better to get an interpretation,
a watered-down, expert spun, version.

Hence, we have prophets, pundits and kings,
to tell us what we want and other things.

So we can go on with our tedious little lives,
and let them do it for us, like workers in hives.

We certainly are busy little ants,
tending to our prejudices and rants.

While never having to be responsible for our belief,
leaving them up to fate or some god for relief.

We lie a little every day to make others happy.
We have real emotion,
even though it may be sappy.

We don't really know who is controlling who.
We just want to "get along" and get through.

It's easy to blame the "other" guys for our troubles,
for in every life, there are burst bubbles.

But when we are lying to ourselves,
we put progress aside and up on shelves.

It's time to be honest and take a good look.
We need to read the lines more carefully in the book.

Lying is pathological and can come to no good.
Starting right in your own neighborhood.

Truth may hurt, and it may require change.
But the truth always turns a new, clean page.

Who is the Liar?

Liar © Andrew Harter Pool/Getty Images

Someone is slandering. When the facts are in, we
will know. I think it is already obvious who it is.

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