Honesty was expected. 
Part of every youth. 
Punishment with the rod,
Made sure we told the truth.

Now the truth gets muddied,
Where shades of honesty abide. 
Deviousness becomes the rule,
And honesty must hide. 

It's not how hard you work,
Or the knowledge that you have. 
It's devious practices that abound,
And spread upon the land. 

Being honest and fair,
Will get you nowhere. 
Go where the money is.
Be sure to get your share. 

Make sure your share is larger,
Take from all the rest. 
Throw to them a pittance. 
Larger is the best. 

It brings to you great stature.
Mass attention too. 
It gives you credibility,
Where none is really due. 

I favor the honest struggle,
Over ill got gain. 
And though I may be the fool. 
I'll not be caught in the rain. 

When truth is revealed,
And honesty abides. 
The sun will shine upon me again,
While avarice runs and hides. 

George Washington chopping down the cerry tree.

Copyright 2003 Ronald W. Hull


The Fable of George Washington
 and the Cherry Tree

From The Life of Washington,
by Mason Locke Weems, 1809*


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