Holy Horror!

All Hallows Eve approaches,
and Gotham grows afraid.

That night was made for vampires,
who descend on the city and raid.

From dusk till dawn the undead,
rule the city streets.

Beware the barfly and the whore,
they do not come with trick or treats.

In a time of great peril,
all of Gotham retreats.

It is a sad day for the city,
no one is safe it seems.

Shuttered in their high rise hovels,
frightened families have bad dreams.

The city fathers in their wisdom,
seek the only help they have.

Aim the searchlight at darkening skies,
and beam the bat signal large.

Bruce Wayne lounging in his mansion,
when out his window he saw his charge.

Bruce wasted no time in responding,
descending deep into the bat cave.

Where Robin quickly joined him,
and in the Batplane, they left the enclave.

Batman texted a secret to the Bishop,
to bless the city reservoir deep.

For he was on a mighty holy mission,
with city fathers’ promises to keep.

Arriving at the reservoir,
"Holy water!" Robin declared.

Flying low they scooped up,
two tanks of the elixir load.

With a, "Holy, let's get out of here!"
The bat team hit the road.

Flying high over Gotham,
they let fly a holy mist.

When the droplets fell softly on down,
all the undead melted with a hiss.

But the battle was not over,
for many vampires were inside.

The bat team returned to the Batmobile,
to search them out wherever they hide.

With their, "Holy bats!" to help them,
they sought the evil out.

Using super squirt guns to melt them,
wooden arrows to the heart, if in doubt.

By midnight, every nook and cranny,
had been cleared of vampires in the rout.

So Robin on the loudspeaker announced,
"Happy Halloween to all; please come out!"

The searchlight beamed a jolly pumpkin,
the children of Gotham raised a mighty shout.

"Thank you Batman and Robin,
thanks to you, we no longer hide and pout!”

Bruce Wayne retired to his mansion
to a glass of scotch and a fine cigar.

While Gotham celebrated in the streets,
to a Halloween unsurpassed by far.

Halloween Batman Signal

A I rarely write Halloween poems,
but got this idea, so I have posted it

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