Holler Weenie

Holler when the weenie is done.
Are we having any fun?

Digging up old loans,
from bankruptcy clones.

Turning over rotting flesh,
polling for the new and fresh.

Providing digging jobs,
for those not digging jobs.

Slimy snakes in a squeeze,
trying to do what they please.

YouTube showing all,
are you ready for your fall?

Down in Sleepy Holler,
where the zombies only foller.

Vampires are sucking blood,
you can bank on it, Bud.

Get your retreads out of bars,
have them dancing with the stars.

They shoot horses don't they?
Just head for Vegas and play.

Lying in the grave of sorts,
watching daily stock reports.

I thought I saw a ghost,
at the local IRA roast.

When your weenie is almost roasted,
Holler so that I can properly toast it.

Kid in a Weiner Costume


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