Holiday Hell

This time of year,
I am of good cheer,
and try to do my part.

Over the hill,
and through the woods,
I metaphorically start.

No more jaunts,
through ice and snow,
to reach my family's care.

Nonetheless, I do venture out,
to an occasion here or there.

Today I awoke,
out of body and mind,
the little snifflers got me,
one more time.

I had more shots,
than a dog's behind.
Rolling fever, doubletime.

I tried to function,
through the heat,
but all I got,
was painful feet.

Listlessly staring,
at this white sheet,
words come out staccato,
to a powerful beat.

Of blood in my temples,
and fire in my gut.
The day winds down slowly,
I'm in a rut.

Of holiday Hell,
that comes with the cheer,
sure hope it doesn't happen,
again next year.

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