Hiring Help

"Is the position still open?"
They always say. 
It's funny how semantics,
Get in the way. 

"It's not a position."
I try to advise. 
But deep in my heart,
It’s not where the mind lies. 

They're hoping for a career,
Or at least strike it rich. 
I offer a few hours at minimum wage. 
I know, life's a bitch. 

"I'm a certified nurse's aide."
She says with a flair. 
But, I don't need nursing,
Or a lot of hot air. 

"I work with the elderly."
Is another refrain,
Do I look frail?
Do I look in pain?

A personal assistant,
Is what I need. 
Mothering or coaching,
I will not heed. 

I'm not going to sit here,
And wait till I die. 
I'm looking for someone,
To help me fly. 

I can't pay the piper,
Or even try. 
I'm looking for someone,
Who will reach for the sky. 

And in so doing,
Will make me whole. 
And learn from the doing,
A whole new role. 

My legacy, I hope,
From hiring help. 
Is to help someone. 
Beyond the help. 

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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