Like the honeycomb of the bee,
we build our matrix strong.
And rush to protect our queen,
in the threat of something wrong.

Like ants on a instinctual mission,
we scatter and scurry about.
In mindless efficient inefficiency,
wasting half our lives in doubt.

Like the web of the spinning spider,
we wired the entire realm.
A better trap for to find her,
for those who man the helm.

Like the pride of the lion queen,
she controls behind the scene,
chooses strong and brutal mates,
still more stupid than they seem.

Like the fly on the wall,
our drones can see everything.
And like the mosquito in the night,
strike at will with savage sting.

There is safety in our numbers,
so like lemmings we procreate.
Our crowding makes us angry,
and closer to our Heaven's Gate

There is no sin in Eden,
we had to make it up.
By controlling all the sinners,
we fill our coffers' cup.

Parasites on the planet,
our superiority is endowed.
Squash all the inferior beings,
for we are the only ones allowed.

But when the hierarchy crumbles,
and superiority no longer rules.
Which ride will you be on,
your own, or the ship of fools?

Hierarchy of Power

I would guess that the term was first used to
describe the “higher archy” or order of angels,
but it also describes well the survival strategy
of nature where a structure of individuals under
strict control insures survival.  Humans have
perfected the structure beyond mere survival to
a point of blatant abuse.

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