Hero in the Gulf

In geological time,
bacteria have evolved,
to live on the Earth riches,
and the Sun as it revolved.

To each genome its niche,
since prehistoric time,
until the world was covered,
with almost imperceptible slime.

A. borkumensis was,
born in hot tar pits of grime.
That bubbled to the surface,
from time to time.

Eventually this bug,
was washed to the sea.
Seeking out hydrocarbons,
and gobbling them with glee.

In the 19th century,
men discovered oil.
It was there all along,
but smelly and foul.

Whale oil was used,
to light the night.
But whales were becoming scarce,
and oil burned smoky bright.

Automobiles needed gasoline,
and the lust for oil's riches began.
“Black Gold” in gushers,
where-ever and when.

The rush to find oil,
left death and destruction.
Countries torn apart,
by callous corruption.

There was no thought,
of the land and the water.
Ecosystems were savaged,
like cattle to slaughter.

But then air pollution,
raised its ugly head.
Coal, oil, and gasoline the culprits,
filled our lungs with dread.

Dilution was the solution,
out of sight, out of mind.
Corporate made its profits,
trash the world behind.

Like cancer upon the land,
the ugly sores grew.
The obvious was overlooked,
and so the truth was, too.

The Gulf of Mexico trash heap,
where all our insults go,
received a decisive lash,
over 100 days ago.

Technology could not stop the leak,
nor could government decree.
It took so long to stop,
even with a spending spree.

With billions spent and climbing,
pitiful oil was scrubbed and saved.
But so much was missing,
the bottom a watery grave?

With millions of years preparation,
our little bug grew to its repast.
And gobbled 70% of the oil,
a hero in the Gulf, at last.

A. borkumensis

A. borkumensis


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