A hero doesn't blindly follow,
old men's call for war.
Where happenstance and blind chance,
thrust foolhardiness to the fore.

There is no real heroism,
in glorifying acts of war.
Giving great honor for,
unleashing death and gore.

When one puts on a uniform,
and is paid to do dangerous work.
There is no heroism in an accident,
on a path where death does lurk.

Sorrow certainly overcomes us,
when we lose a coworker or friend.
To call the unfortunate a hero,
does nothing to help the family mend.

A hero is someone who,
stands up for what is right.
Heroes often face the wrath,
of those who hold the might.

A hero is someone who,
helps whenever there is a need.
Doesn't flee with fear and loathing,
regardless of race, color or creed.

A hero is a person who,
gives more than they ever take.
Leaves this world a better place,
for what they do or make.

A hero is a role model,
for all that come behind.
For a lifetime of accomplishment,
than a single act of blind.

For there would go you or I,
if a tragedy befell us by and by.
A hero for a happenstance?
Not me, not you, then why?

Two young people feed the homeless of Ocean Beach

Image courtesy Ocean Beach Rag

Heroes are much greater
than traditionally thought.

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