Her Action

It was action, Jackson,
that she craved.
Not the Green Stamps
that Jesus saved.

It was Stallone,
that got her rocks off.
Not her boyfriend,
who blew her socks off.

3-D was her,
mode of transit.
Preferred the rush,
over a romance it.

was her habit.
From hole to hole,
like a rabbit.

She read a book,
by its cover.
Never passed up,
an action lover.

Danced with stars,
throughout the night.
Her American Idol,
gunned a knife fight.

Privates of Ryan,
were revealed.
Needed something,
more well-heeled.

She real gold dug,
like the Kardashians
Striking it rich,
on her reruns.

Usula Andress as She

© 500Motivators.com


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