Heavy Metal

Heavy metal days, heavy metal nights,
rock until you roll, express your rights.

Uranium on the black market,
to set your soul to glee.
Uranium in your cranium,
from the dust is free.

Gold hung around your neck,
is sure to weigh you down.
So when your ship capsizes,
you will surely drown.

Platinum pierces your private part,
taken from its tattooed heart.
Makes you part of the scene,
cheated when it turns to green.

Swords are on your table,
eat all the fresh fish you're able.
Before you act like the Mad Hatter,
dip your catfish in the batter.

Get the lead out, old paint.
But for the children, it's too late.
If there were real lead in your pencil,
writers couldn't even stencil.

Arsenic and old lace,
in your coffee without a trace.
Alzheimer's blamed when you die,
can't wipe that smile from her face.

Rock on until the day you die,
heavy metal is in the water, earth and sky.

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