Houston: Heat Sink

Thermodynamics is not a subject for the timid.
It is only understood by the mathematical few.
But the science gives us some understanding,
of the trouble we have gotten ourselves into.

The atmosphere is heating up,
all the records easily show.
While controversy rages on,
the numbers continue to grow.

These numbers bother people of power,
money and interest, in the status quo.
For their superiority lies in being right;
always being ahead and in the know.

But nature knows not ideology,
responds as it always does to strife.
Through extinction, migration and adaption,
in a never-ending cycle of renewing life.

The result is immense diversification,
a planet teeming with variety so blessed.
Where every corner of the living planet,
has myriad life, so different from the rest.

But atmosphere, land and water,
do not know biological life's distress.
They only respond to heat dynamics,
dictated by laws of equilibrium and rest.

We ask why storms are now greater,
in the Atlantic and Pacific realms?
It's only thermodynamics operating,
no one or thing is at their helms.

Like water going down the drain,
the heated air seeks great relief.
It spirals upward to a higher cool,
in a vortex of a great heat thief.

Sucking heat of overheated ocean,
the humid, overheated air.
Into the higher atmosphere,
where it hits the cold up there.

All this action creates wind and rain.
A natural heat sink of great refrain.
It is singing a song that we don't like.
Wind and flood in its destructive lane.

Science has clearly predicted,
more droughts, floods and storms.
Above all historic memory are coming,
above all reason and human norms.

The cause is quite clear,
still, hard for us to get a bead.
For power, plunder and greed,
Are desires far exceeding need.

When will we understand?
When will we heed?
Before it's too late, and
our excess makes us bleed.

Hurricane Irma courtesy NBC News

Hurricane Irma Courtesy NBC News

It is time that we start acknowledging the cause
of more powerful storms in the Atlantic and Pacific
and take action to curtail fossil fuels drastically.

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