Who would deny the heat of passion?
The kind of temperature that never,
ever, goes out of fashion.

Who would deny the heat of a fire?
Warming the soul and flaming desire.

Keeping us alive from the bitter cold,
saving lives through eons untold.

But we seek refuge from the heat of the day,
the shade of a tree, or where cool waters be,
for some, there is no other way.

How many have lain, in a hot bed at night,
sweating profusely, their dreams filled with fright.

For weather is not kind, nor is it evil,
it cares not for comfort, nor for its people.

We have evolved to weather, weather's whims,
we can stand the heat, and survival wins.

For the old and the weak, heat can be a curse,
a period of great suffering, followed by a hearse.

In air-conditioned cubicles, we now live our lives,
we avoid the heat, and our productivity thrives.

But when power is turned off, we cook in our hives,
designed for our comfort, but not to save lives.

So we must be careful not to heat up our earth,
we can adapt to changes for what it's worth.

But all of the earth creatures do not have our ability,
they adapt by survival and genetic agility.

So let's all act in a responsible way,
and keep the deadly heat at bay.

Just say Heat this,
Heat that.

Continue on with your story,
like the Cat in the Hat.

The one that got your tongue.

More Than Uncomfortable

Image Courtesy Syracuse University

I wrote this poem while experiencing
two days and nights without air
conditioning-something that can be
dangerous for someone with spinal cord
injury. Fortunately, it was a minor repair.

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