Heart Hunting

I went hunting for a heart,
but didn't know where to start.
Everywhere I turned,
I was spurned.

It seemed the world was heartless,
cold and full of lies,
filled with cunning cutthroats,
and those that I despised.

I set my standards high,
so sure to attain my goal,
I passed by many an opportunity,
while I didn't live up to my role.

The years went by and hearts came by,
but they never lingered, flew.
Like birds startled from a branch,
they left… Why, I never knew.

And then my search came to an end,
futility had turned sour every try.
I gave up searching for a heart,
and gave up wondering, why?

When years then passed,
free from heart hunting at last,
I took care of me and my.

Gently they came out of the blue,
hearts so kind, and oh, so true.
They cared for me with unyielding love,
they cared for me, hovering above.

They were not angels, but true hearts,
they learned how to help me,
with fits and starts.

We didn't always see eye to eye,
but grew in affection, as time went by.
You'll never know,
when a good heart you'll find,
with ties of strength, with ties that bind.

Targeting a Heart

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This poem originally was not supposed
to be about me, but about those
who set too high a standard for
their relationships and end up
losing what little relationships
they have. Finally, when they
stop searching so hard, what
they were seeking comes eventually.
In the end, I guess poem is about me.

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