Let's face it.
Life's a headache.
I'm not talking about,
a sinus condition,
a blow to the head,
the bends,
a migraine,
blood or fluid,
on the brain.

I'm talking about,
what other people do,
to make life miserable,
and cause sleepless nights,
simply because they,
are unable to communicate,
except by inflicting pain.

Let's face it.
90% of these headaches,
are the result of,
pride, greed, and,
downright stupidity.

The 10% of real headaches,
are the result of disease,
calamities and natural disasters,
that we have no control over,
and no amount of praying or,
asking government authorities,
to help us, will help.

We just have to,
ignore the pain and work hard,
and eventually we'll get over,
whatever the real headache is.

Unfortunately, that other 90%
will hang around to bother us,
until we finally get smart,

Or die.

Doggy Ache


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