Hark the Heralders

Hark the heralders from on high,
spew their messages, nay and nie.
Spew them on the wall of fate,
tales untrue and ignorant of late.

For what is love but just a lust,
turned tame and irony in the rust?
To mourn a flame that once was there,
in the dark of night with no light to share?

To blame our faults on someone else,
as though they caused such great pain.
When in truth we know,
we've only ourselves to blame.

Or to say it was an act of god,
to justify our natural fear.
To get the heat outside ourselves,
and hold our wrathful god so near.

To perpetuate a myth,
because it was always so,
is like saying that you don't think,
just blindly go where others go.

To follow lemmings off a cliff,
just to be part of the scene.
If I tell you that you're stupid,
I'm not trying to be mean.

We gather around our children,
and give them all of our best.
Make so many unwise choices,
it's a wonder they pass that test.

Of the able to carry on,
long after we are dust.
In that brave new world of the future,
that we worry about and distrust

Last Judgment -  Michelangelo

Last Judgment -  Michelangelo

A little
nonsense to shake up the
serious poets
nout there with all their
messages hidden in the minds of
their mysterious wordsmithing.


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