Halloween a Changeling

Halloween, two thousand sixteen,
isn't like the good old used to be.
The oldie moldy version,
was something different, entirely.

Kiddies still dress up in their favorite look,
bought at the online costume store.
Mostly superheroes and stars,
not the old, ghostly ghouly lore.

Turbans no longer are in,
they evoke irrational horror,
like little kids with turbans on,
delivering gifts concealing a bomb.

Poor kids still use a sheet,
to go out on the street.
To cover up their gold chains,
and the Air Jordans on their feet.

Some kids don't go out at all,
there is danger in those streets.
Pedophiles and sex offenders,
looking out for tasty treats.

They're safely ensconced in parties,
where there's food and candy galore.
And Halloween is just a commodity,
so stock up at the nearby store.

For those who do venture out,
keep your cell phone close at hand.
Stay on the GPS course your mother set,
do exactly as she planned.

And all you helicopter parents,
make sure you hover near,
second guess your kids' every move,
maybe they'll grow up next year.

And all you homeowners out there,
that hate to have kiddies come.
Just grab that security pistol you have,
and blast them one by one.

For on your security camera,
they clearly were up to no good.
You can't count on the police to come,
must protect your own neighborhood.

Haunted houses are big business,
for teens bloody freaking out.
Shock and gore with slimy sleaze,
is now what it's all about.

And don't forget your Taser,
or bear spray close at play,
if you don't have that, hornet spray,
Will keep the ghosts at bay.

With all these cautions noted,
go on, get out and have some fun.
It's only two thousand sixteen,
the century's just begun.

Winchester House in San Jose, California

Original Haunted House -- Winchester House, San Jose CA

Photo © LM Harrison at Flickr.com

During the 20th century the old All Hallows Eve
and Fall Solstice became combined as a time for
kids to have fun playing pranks and begging for
treats among their neighbors. This century,
things have changed.

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