Hallowed Wee

Whatever happened to the hallowed wee?
I used to see them, two or three.

Come by my door, come evening tide,
come by my door, by disguise to hide.

Little ghosts, goblins, princesses and more,
delightful little voices squeaking at my door.

The happiness and joy of the little ones
that were the neighbors' daughters and sons.

The doorbell would ring a joyous sound;
wee gremlins and fairies could be found.

Holding their bags with a big grin,
hoping for more candy to drop in.

I gave them fruit to even the score;
too much candy made their tummies sore.

Alas, the wee ones no longer come;
not even the teenage tricksters in fun.

Those days are gone except in some places
where sensibility still resides on kind faces.

Too much unnatural fear of what just might be,
from movies, news stories and gossip so free.

The wee ones no longer allowed to go out at night,
where they can have fun and not feel any fright.

It's a shame what we have become;
fear monsters inside affecting the little one.

 Kids Trick or Treating in Cheboygan, Michigan

Kids Trick or Treating © City of Cheboygan, Michigan

Halloween for kids was always a time to venture
out into the scary night and knock on strange
doors of neighbors we didn't know asking for a
treat for a trick or two. Always traveling in
small groups so that theolder ones could help
the younger ones. It is only fearful parents that
have changed that tradition. Not the kids.

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