It came from a deep lagoon,
never too late nor too soon.

Like a dream gone awry,
so it would seem, by and by.

The product of evolution?
Nay, nay, or so they would say.

A freak for all seasons,
for a freaking good time.

Will tickle your organ,
and gasm it fine.

As if being scared out of your wits,
is required for every line.

Of your horror of horrors,
the movie of your mind.

A genetic aberration,
permeating the nation.

That is overriding time,
soon to find,



Andy as The Monster from the Deep Lagoon

My nephew, Andy, is a big kid
who loves to dress up every Halloween. 
Last year he was the
Monster from the Deep Lagoon.


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Andy as The Monster from the Blue Lagoon