So when did you decide?
That you were better than me?
When did you decide?
You could keep all for thee?

Because you were deprived,
When you were young?
Or was it expected,
By those which you hung. 

Was it when you cheated,
And got away clean. 
Easier than working hard,
So smart and keen. 

Was it when you lied,
And saw what it did. 
Lying became easier,
Wanting something hid. 

Or are you just better,
Or, at least you think you are. 
Smarter, more articulate,
Than working stiffs, by far. 

Or are you compliant,
And smoothly fit in. 
Your good old boys decide. 
What class you’re in. 

So when they take you,
Where the money flows,
You drink from the river,
But everyone knows. 

You'll share not good fortune,
With those who prop you up. 
Your greed is a given,
You've drunk from the cup. 

Of power and corruption,
That got you there. 
You'll fight to your death,
Before you share.

Survival of the fittest,
You've learned it well. 
So drink from the river,
And give 'em hell. 

There'll come a reckoning,
Somewhere down the line. 
You’ll still have privilege,
But you won't have time.

Bide it well.

Mr. Greed arrives at CWA Demonstraion at Verizon  

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


Mr. Greed by the Communication
Workers of America 


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