A Great Notion

Sometimes a great notion,
Overflows me like an ocean.
Puts my mind in motion,
Toward which I steer.

Soon that first small token,
Grows though unspoken,
Until the spell is broken,
And the goal draws near.

And then the rules are changed,
My comfort gets rearranged,
I am on my own, estranged.
And meet my greatest fear.

The great wheel of emotion,
Spins my mind like potion.
Until that once great notion,
I once held so dear.

Is dashed upon the rocks of reason,
Trammeled by the tracks of treason,
Puddled into pretty poison,
While I stand by so clear.

To pick up the pieces shattered,
Of all that ever mattered,
And piece together tattered.
The notion of the year.

Rainbow Notion

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull


Photo:  Spirit of the North


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