The gravity of our situation is immense.
It weighs heavily on our heart and countenance.

Gravity separates land from the sea and sky.
Without it, we could never get down or get high.

Gravity holds us together like glue in the stars,
With relationships tried and true, Venus to Mars.

Provides a niche for us to grow and germinate,
without which we would never procreate.

Time would not exist without gravity's spin,
nothing would coalesce without or within.

We couldn't hold anything in our hand,
our feet would not fall on the firmament of land.

The heart of the matter is in its weight,
it is only by gravity that we are great.

My window on the world

Humans and most life on Earth evolved
at 1 G.  Although we can tolerate
much more for brief periods of time
and weightlessness is wonderful, any other
pull is very detrimental to our health
in the long run.

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