Her parents were grateful for her birth. 

She wasn't supposed to walk this earth. 


They tried and tried to conceive,

Through years and years of no reprieve. 


Then, when they were old and gray,

The doctors finally found a way. 


In vitro Grateful was conceived,

To her parents, much relieved. 


They called her Grateful from then on,

‘Though her real name was Crystal Dawn. 


Grateful was gratefully driven,

To be grateful for what she was given. 


She rewarded her parents for what they'd done,

By always being their only one. 


She waited on them hand and foot.

Grateful for what it took.


Until they passed on.

Grateful’s youth wasted, Crystal Dawn.


Grateful tried and tried to get a good man,

But what she settled for in the end.


Was someone to pass on the seed,

For which she was grateful, indeed. 


All of her attempts failed one by one,

Not even the worst man alive could father her a son.


Grateful sunk into great despair,

Wailing epithets to the air. 


"Why? Why must I be the one?

Who goes through life without a son?”


Finally, when Grateful lie at death's door,

The great provider settled the score. 


Science granted her a son,

From her dead father they cloned one. 


Grateful died peacefully, her mind at mend,

Remaining grateful until the bitter end.

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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