Got My Goat

Just got one of those letters,
meant to assuage with rote,
from a man of destruction,
that really got my goat.

Who am I to believe,
all the half-truths and lies,
the off repeated dogma,
that I despise.

Power begets power,
and absolute power destroys.
Why should I worship power,
with all that it denies.

Hypocrisy is its watchword,
as it silently undermines,
free and independent thinking,
and its repetition binds.

Until the soul is helpless,
to think for itself.
And follows blindly power,
from textbooks off the shelf.

Of arrogant misinterpretation,
of what is known to be true.
Twisted and spin doctored,
for the masses to view.

And keep them all in bondage,
to the hierarchy of life.
As though there were no other way,
begging power to overcome strife.

But we all know it isn't true,
it's all a pack of lies.
To keep the kingdom of power,
controlling all in disguise.

So break free all ye minions!
Stand for it no more!
And let's all get our goat up,
and let's all even the score.

It's only fair, isn't it?

Media Quote from Jim Morrison

The most obnoxious senator in the country
from my state responded to multiple petitions
I signed to him, finally, after months, this week
with a barrage of form letters after he finally got
his computer system working—sound familiar?
Like his fellow crony, I’m not interested in his
well-funded views and carefully worded spins
from his lobbyists.  His determination to dismantle
the Affordable Healthcare Act, “In Liberty,”
got my goat.  I originally used “gall” for leaving
a bitter taste, but I believe “goat” may be better.

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