The Good Times


These are the good times,

The best they're going to get.

If you think they're bad times,

You haven't seen anything yet.


Oh, there'll be famine and pestilence,

And misfortune all around.

Earthquakes and volcanoes,

And wind and floods abound.


But it's been true,

For recorded time.

The record's just better,

And so is our time. 


Memory softens the harsh edge of strife.

It makes the best of bad times, shine.

The pain and misery, is easy to forget ,

Making those seem the best times yet.


But would you relive the Holocaust,

Or the time you almost froze in the snow;

The car crash you survived,

Or cancer's cruel blow? 


I don't think so.

Or to face again, those who died?

Perhaps in our arms.

Who can abide? 


When the past is viewed through our protective glasses,

The good times shine through.

But these times are the good times,

For me and you.


Live them.

Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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