A Good Night's Sleep


Some will pray,

And some will weep.

All for the chance,

Of a good night's sleep.


Troubled, they toss,

And troubled, they yearn.

For  peace and quiet,

As they burn.


On a spit,

Of their own making.

As the night,

Their thoughts keep taking. 


It's own sweet time,

To bring the dawn.

And end this endless,

Ride they're on. 


That's running the brain,

From pillar to post.

When it's a good night's sleep,

They need the most. 


Oh again, to sleep like a baby.

To dream and forget, maybe.

Get through the night ,

With no bad thoughts in sight.


In the end,

Deep sleep will come

There will be sunset,

But no dawn.

Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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