Stress 2.0

Can attempt to sing it
using the melody from
Wedding Bell Blues by
the 5th Dimension.

Goodbye Bill, we loved you so,
blew the gentle rain in slow,
but it's time for you to go.

Overstayed your visit,
like a bad house guest,
created weatherman panic,
and all the soaking rest.

Your training bands were healthy,
and filled the bucket and the bill.
But it's time you got on out of here,
our rivers have had their fill.

Haven't seen the sun,
for many days in a row.
Bill, why are you so lazy?
Why are you so slow?

They said you were a menace,
would create a biblical flood.
You stayed around forever,
but your flood became a dud.

You know, we'll always love you,
A soggy blessing in disguise.
But Bill, you really were a drag,
a lot of blow, but no surprise.

We like our storms to be nasty,
we like to ignore, then panic and run.
The only thing that you did, Bill,
was consistently block the sun.

So goodbye Bill, and good riddance,
Move on and spinoff to other climes.
Go hit the Midwest to Northeast hard,
while here, the sun still shines.

Rainfall from Tropical Storm Bill

Image Courtesy The Weather Channel

Tropical storm Bill was scheduled to drop
from 6 to 15 inches throughout the Houston
area. There was some minor street flooding and
major rivers in the area, already swollen are
predicted to rise beyond flood stage again,
because of localized areas that got a lot of rain.
In spite of very dramatic weather reports by the
news media, for the most part, while Bill stuck
around a long time, he posed no real threat to
Houston and the surrounding area except to
create a detour on 59 (now Interstate 69) with
water over the road blocking traffic between
South Texas, Mexico and Houston.

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