All the dreams of childhood,
have somehow up and gone.
Like the ugly black duckling,
that turned into a swan.

Those secret places we met,
for a tryst we did not regret.
Are now just a city subdivision,
like memories gone, and yet.

We dream of them like yesterday,
though they have been long gone.
If we could bring them back today,
we'd pay a pipers' sum.

Like sweethearts so alluring,
with promises of love long,
and a life like a love song,
suddenly fickle and gone.

Like the earnings in a pocket,
much more than needed to live on.
That suddenly disappeared from the,
saved account, spent and gone.

The skills we learned so eagerly,
practiced and the honed lifelong.
Suddenly outsourced overseas,
obsolete and forever gone.

And if we got those riches,
through hook or by crook, hard won.
Would we be happy and healthy,
or wish all the complications gone.

Would we wish for that simple life,
with home and hearth and family 'round.
For when some things are finally gone,
that's when happiness can be found.

Gone with the Wind

Everything goes in the wind.

This is not a sad piece about me. Just
a fact of nature that I find intriguing.

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