Golfer's Wish


May all your days be sunny, with mornings clear and bright.

The links green and inviting, with dew shimmering white.


Your clubs cleaned and waiting, in their bag so light,

You could carry them forever, and swing with all your might.


May your fairways be free of rough, and all your drives so true,

Your woods hit in the sweetest spot, and your irons' steel so blue. 


May all your chips escape the traps and put you on the green,

With bounces so sweet and rolls so neat, to lies you've never seen.


May you have the nerve and skill that is truly you.

Putts that fly with eagles and little birdies too.


So when you're in the clubhouse and the day is done.

You'll remember always, your score, and that you won.

Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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