Gold Member

I am a gold member and can do what I want,
The poetry pages on I haunt.

Send pictures too large, my words in bold font.
My unabashed love for my fellow poets I flaunt.

Shout out to my friends with every post.
To hell with poetry, my friends are the most.

Shout down our enemies, they are but pests.
Can’t stand vile comments, you know the rest?

Spelling, punctuation, word use be damned,
My friends will praise me throughout the land.

A birthday greeting, rant or blog,
More mileage the poetry pages will log.

And so I wrote this poem for you,
The gold member with nothing better to do.

To poets I say:  “Here’s to you!
May your poems ring sharp; may they ring true.”

Beyonce plays a golden girl in the austin Powers movie, Goldmember.

Image from Austin Powers' Goldmember 2002

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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