Goin' to Hell

I'm goin' to hell and I,
ain't comin' back.

On the road to redemption,
I took the wrong track.

Not because of what I have,
or because of what I lack.

But because it's where I'm goin'
and I ain't comin' back.

No, I ain't comin' back.

I'm going to where,
the sun always shines.
Where skies are blue,
no howl in the pines.

Where it never snows,
and the breeze is so light,
caressing the days,
and cooling the nights.

I ain't comin' back,
no, never again,
so you might as well,
get used to it,
my dear friend.

'Cuz where I'm goin',
there's no comin' back,
and, I like it like that.
Yes, I like it like that.

Entrance to Hell - Grand Cayman Island

There is a place called Hell
on Grand Cayman Island.

Not to worry. I'm not going anywhere
anytime soon. This is just a poem
that I thought might make an
interesting country or blues song.

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