Goin' to Branson

We're goin' to Branson,
wobbly and all tuckered out.
We're goin' to Branson,
kin hear ya, if'n you shout.

Heard this place called Branson,
where the music went to die.
Got Boxcar Willie and Andy Williams,
like to see 'em, ain't no lie.

Smack dab in the middle o' the country,
a long country day drive or two,
you'll get there by and by,
and, if you get lost 'long the way,
relax, and enjoy the view.


They got all kinds of 'tractions,
for the good ole geriatric crew.
Hotels with disabled parking spaces,
and cafeteria lines brand spanking new.

I hear you kin meet the stars,
up close and personal, too.
I always wanted her autograph...
Pardon... What's her name? Stella who?


We'll sing all the old songs,
and forget all the words we knew.
But those old folks on the stage,
will prompt us fer a few.

And we'll dance a few licks,
just like we used to do.
On these replaced joints,
we got last year,
almost brand-new.


We can see clearly now,
those girlies on the stage,
with our cataracts removed,
I hear they're all the rage.

And if we get a stroke or heart attack,
they got medical facilities galore.
So slip a few bucks to those girlies,
Heck, you might even score.


We're goin' to Branson,
gonna git there afore I die.
But if I die afore I get there,
I'll see ya in the sweet by-and-by.

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