Go for the Gold


Go for the gold as hard as you can. 

Reach for perfection way deep down within. 


Jump, soar, and sail, as high as you dare. 

The sky's the limit to gravity's snare. 


Aim, fire, straight and true. 

Accuracy is in the mind; it's all up to you. 


Plan your trajectory and follow-through,

Nail the landing for the judges to view. 


Practice and perfect your every move,

Align your body in a perfect groove. 


Study and sacrifice for the cause. 

Push on forward without pause.


Relax and steady your fraying nerve. 

Upset your competition with flash and verve. 


Focus on the finish tried and true. 

A thousand times over, this is you. 


So, if you're lucky, and very good, too. 

Gold will be waiting at the end for you. 


But if you're not lucky, and things fall through,

It's the going, not getting, that counts in this venue. 


So, go for it!

New medals for Greek Olympics

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull




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