Go Down Moses

Go down Moses,
Go down slow.  
Go down easy.  
Go down low.  

Go down from Egypt,
Staff in hand.  
Part the Red Sea with it,
To the Promised Land.  

Go down hard as stone,
From the mountaintop.  
With the words etched in it,
Failed memory cannot stop.  

Go down to the wilderness,
And wander forty days.  
Wander there in your mind,
And don't forget the ways.  

Go down to the Coliseum,
And ride your chariot fast.  
Ben Hur is your name,
With you the die was cast.

Go down to the Naked Jungle,
Torch in your hand.
Fight till the last man standing,
Is your bloody band.

Go down to the ruin,
Of a world gone mad.  
You are the Omega Man,
Who'll make good from bad.  

Go down to the planet,
Where apes are men.  
Discover what they've done,
Man will never right again.  

Go down in history,
As Caesar’s leading man.
A Man for All Seasons,
A man who can.

Go down to the stage,
Utter Shakespeare's poetic rage.  
Bask once again in the limelight,
Before it fades the page.

Go down to death's door.  
Like time's slipping sands.  
Until they pry the gun,
From your cold, dead hands.  

Heston as Moses

To Charlton Heston, Renaissance Man
 … may your deeds outweigh your dementia

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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