Thank God for Holidays

You know I don't thank God for much.
Don't believe that he is almighty as such.

I do thank him for creating the Sabbath,
a break in the weekly shuffle and babbath.

And Saturdays are so serenely nice,
so thank you for taking God's advice.

On Fourth of July and Memorial Day,
we thank the Lord and Country we pray.

His one concession is poor Labor Day.
God gave up one for Karl Marx ‘s say.

All turkeys would still be wild,
if God had not declared Thanksgiving mild.

To give the kids and the Devil his due,
he created Halloween just for you.

God's son made Christmas greatest of all,
Counting days to Santa, shopping the mall.

Martin Luther and the Presidents get equal time,
the days go by so fast, we hardly unwind.

And Easter, of course, comes in the spring.
Rabbits’ eggs so fresh and birdies sing.

So come all ye religions from far and wide,
we need your holy days for more free ride.

God creates Easter


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