God  Blemish You

From your friend, Crystal Meth....

You faun, primp, purr and prance,
on your way to some celestial dance.

You are an angel that's for sure,
you don't speak, you just purr.

The mirror is your friend; its light you bend.
You catch yourself looking at it to no end.

You can do no wrong. For a ding.
Or a dong, Life as easy as a song.

God is on your side, with his bride, pride.
With him you catch a wonderful ride.

Always on the downhill slide.
Lift your wings, flap and glide.

You pump your practice full of pimp.
And rip your assets like a wimp.

When is it my turn?  Me, too.
For what you have, I yearn.

Maybe I'll just turn into the devil.
And put you on the straight and level.

God blemish you!

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Copyright 2008 © Ronald W. Hull