Gobble, gobble, gobble... Is what we do.
Our economy is based on it; unfortunately, true.

Thanksgiving turkey to Christmas ham,
a cornucopia of plenty we are, we am.

Our food comes from factories, far, far away,
we think nothing of it, for cheaply we pay.

Powered by dirty oil we greedily gobble,
seeking sweet sources, we easily squabble.

We overextend, to make it all run,
pile up that debt; we must have our fun.

A cycle of gobbling that's out of control,
we can't stop our gobbling to save our soul.

We become obese and lethargic in our ways,
reach old age too quickly and mourn for those days.

When we gobbled away our youth without care,
and now are facing the consequences to bear.

When will we learn not to gobble our future?
When will we learn to cut back without suture?

Tom turkey gobbles while his harem grows,
our dinosaur brain, like his, is all it knows.

How to pack away more, more, more for a time of need,
the handwriting is on the wall; when will we heed?

Our means of producing food destroys our ability to grow food

Our use of oil and other fossil fuels to grow our food, our
economy and fuel consumption and population growth will
eventually diminish our food supply dramatically.

We have allowed corporations to take over basic food production
and continue to consume in unhealthy ways much more than we
need in some strange desire to have more simply for the sake of
more. Easily lured by slick marketing, we tend to overextend and
go into debt very easily over nothing but simple greed. What's
wrong with us? You tell me.

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