Getting It Right 


Stayed up all night,

Just to get it right.

All night long,

And it turned out all wrong.


The computer is one,

Bad task master.

One error, no quarter,

You can't out last her. 


She's so sleek, sophisticated, and refined,

You can't get her out of your mind.

So you work and struggle to get it right,

Mind over matter wins the fight.


Or so you thought in this dream,

This little scheme.

That would put you on the road,

To peaches and cream.


Or was it just a dream?

A worthless scheme.

So, try to get it right,

With all your might.


You can place symbols in a row,

With mindless precision.

But you'll never get it right,

In your human prison.


Until you bow down,

To the almighty machine.

And use her damn Wizard,

Slithering like a lizard.


At her syntaxical feet,

Will you be complete,

And, finally, get it right.

Good, ... night!

Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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