Getting Ahead 


Did you ever contemplate, for a just moment,

From your safe, warm bed.

That you are not good enough,

Not good enough to get ahead?


Of the crowd pursuing you,

With a grateful dread,

And, that they'll not stop chasing,

Until you're gone or dead.


What impedes your way?

What will make your day?

The future's wide open,

Or so, they say. 


You say you don't know how, no where, no way.

The block is all in your head, I say.

So cast your fear upon the wind,

Know how will save the day.


It comes with no great revelation.

No lightning bolt from the sky.

Just hard work and perspiration,

That gets you to this high.


So don't go looking back,

If you want to get ahead.

Just put your shoulder to the wheel,

And dive in, instead.


Failure is not in the stars,

It's all just in your head.

If you're not out there getting ahead,

You might as well be dead.


Then, relax and float downstream..

Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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