Get It Down On Paper


"Get it down on paper."

They used to say.

But I'd forget to do it,

Things got in the way.


It was so much easier,

To talk the day away.

Than put pencil to paper,

And record it right away.


Now I've got this new-fangled device,

That records what I say.

Puts it down on paper,

For all to see.


Doesn't that make life easier,

For you and me?

I don't know,

We'll just have to wait and see.


Wasn't it Aladdin,

Who said, "Open Sesame"?

When we control our world by voice;

That's a sight to see.


Sure as jet planes have replaced,

The sailing ship at sea.

As the fastest way around the world.

The voice-activated world will be.


No more readin', ritin', or rithmetic.

Just you and your machine.

"Put your money where you mouth is."

And finally come clean.


Everything you say will be monitored,

And can be held against you.

So practice now saying things right.

Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull:  PowerSecretary



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