The Genie and the Box

The genie is out of the box,
and no one knocks its convenience.

But finding locks in airless space,
is becoming quite an experience.

There are no wires, no sight, no sound,
just invisible electrons floating around.

Thinking outside the box is wild,
a 21st century play like a child.

Can we act it out?  I doubt.
There will be no warning shout.

It will sneak in softly on an ether wave,
and slay us without saying before we can save.

Our life, our love, our very existence,
gone in a nano second for a mere pittance.

The air is crammed with messages,
and our heads are filled with sage.

Eating away at our brains.
Until we disengage.

A silent killer in our midst.
Taking us unaware.

There is no escaping this violence,
so... beware!


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Copyright 2008 © Ronald W. Hull