Frosty the Snow Dog

By Roger J. Hull

Frosty the Snow Dog is a jolly little elf
Playful as a pup, not mindful of self
Dark brown eyes and a charcoal nose

Cute as a button and light on his toes
A graceful specimen of the
Household protector with nose

Upon the hassock he’d lay
Legs all asunder with
With nary a twitch, even for thunder

Curly white fur, soft to the touch
Stretch of the back, extended shoulders
Low in front, high in rear

In and out he’d go as the occasion occurred
Never quite sure where we’d all be
We’d be in he’d be out and vise versa

Run of the back yard, a barking he’d go
Chasing imaginary birds across the sky
Check every corner,
Where’d that Rabbit go?

Amble gait, tongue hanging from the heat
Always a smile, tail wagging
Happy for company, on his beat

Night time come, it’s in his bed
He’d rather dream of doggie treats
(or little bitches)
Than get out and guard the shed

[Frosty, an eleven year old Bichon Frise
resides in Peoria AZ with his master Tom.]

Frosty with his buddy, Starlight

Frosty Resting with his buddy, Starlight

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Copyright 2008 © Roger J. Hull


My  Twin Brother, Roger,
Wrote this poem about our brother,
Tom's dog.