Frisco Blues


I'm goin' down to Frisco,

'Cuz I got the Frisco Blues.

Where the fog rolls in can chill ya,

From your hat down to your shoes.


Goin' down to Shaky Town,

Wash this gold dust from my feet.

If it isn't the shake that gets ya,

It's the fire that brings ya to the street.


I'm headed for the Alcatraz,

Can't escape the news.

The Rock's gonna hold me,

Just like the Frisco Blues. 


Down from the Sierras,

To the San Joaquin plain.

Float the river westward,

To fortune and fame.


Goin' down to Baghdad,

Baghdad by the Bay.

Carol Doda's got me,

But the Condor's seen its day.


To Pan Handle Park,

Where the Grateful Dead did play.

In the Summer of Love,

She stole my heart away.


From Ghirardelli chocolate,

To DiMaggio's at the Pier.

The stars look down upon her,

And the young they have no fear.


Goin' down to the City,

The Doors way to the Stars.

The Jefferson Airplane's got me.

Hanging hillsides from cable cars.


Goin' down to Frisco,

'Cuz I got the Frisco Blues.

She's in my heart forever,

Like the Huey Lewis News.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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