Freedom From

Freedom from the kingdom come. 

Freedom for to live and die. 

Freedom from  be tread upon.  

Freedom from the lie. 

Freedom is a sacred thing,

Freedom’s cost can be high. 

For freedom can be dangerous,

Because with freedom you can try. 

Anything you wish,

And not be asked, " Why? "

Freedom must be used wisely,

For freedom can spread the lie. 

That my life and liberty is freedom,

To tread on the other guy. 

Freedom from religion,

Freedom from strife. 

Freedom to be tolerant,

And let others live their life. 

The price of freedom is control,

Of which the world is rife. 

Freedom cuts both ways,

Like a two-edged knife.

There is no higher authority,

Than one's own self control. 

When we let ideologies rule us. 

We have lost that role. 

Our freedom is lost with it,

And so is our soul.

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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