Found Again

Life is a hurry of busy steps,
that gradually wrap around.

After a few first cautious probes,
our curiosity knows no bounds.

Following our parents watchful way,
we learn to keep our founds.

In school, we travel grade by grade,
old lessons in new rounds.

Headlong into puberty we race,
to find we must slow down.

To deal with life's uncertainty,
until our sense of self is found.

When we can break free,
and lay our own path down.

But no one can go it alone,
so we search for guidance sound.

And find it where we can.
I sought the wise and rested.

For the fundamental plan,
for what is true and tested.

And where to make a stand.

For I had mentors many,
as I traveled across this land.

Some that I've lost track of,
and some still close at hand.

With the power of the Internet,
resting in my mouse hand.

I've sought them out aplenty,
to touch them man to man.

For those of you who think,
you'll never pass that way again.

Seek out your mentors plenty,
and give them a great big hand.

Before they pass away...

Raphael's Athens School-Plato and Aristotle


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