Forget Me Not

When I am lain 'neath the new mown lawn,
smell the sweet cut clover and,
know that I'm not gone.

For as ashes are to ashes and dust is to dust,
I am forever in memory,
of those who trust.

And for those who do not, but know of my fame,
may the rains come softly,
and rust not my name.

For it rests on the pages of weathered old books,
on dusty old bookshelves,
and cherished nooks.

Forever in waiting for the sharp reader's eye,
to blow off the dust,
open up and spy.

The wondrous words from so long ago,
‘til now still unread,
but about to show.

The wisdom of the eons so long misunderstood,
suddenly to be revealed,
as I knew that they would.

Scanned and digitized my words are revealed,
for all the world to read,
and never to be repealed.

For all that I suffered and so little that I got,
I died young a poor man,
but you forgot me not.

Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, Israel, c50AD. Psalms

Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, Israel, c50AD.
Psalms Musée Bible et Terre Sainte, Pari

Dedicated to all the unsung writers of the past
whose works are being digitized and revealed,
some for the very first time.

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