I never worked on the clock,
always set goals,
opportunity knocked.

There wasn't much I missed,
in my busy life,
always kept my appointments,
suffered little strife.

My mind was a mousetrap,
of a better design,
always on top of things,
way ahead of time.

Couldn't figure out,
why others forgot,
but forgave them anyway,
life is too short.

But I have left,
that working routine.
Each day is a new page,
crisp and clean.

It's a wonderful freedom,
that I really enjoy.
But time moves so fast,
and things pass me by.

Never used a calendar,
my entire working life.
Now keep one religiously,
to reduce my strife.

To wake me from my reverie,
and make me fly right.
I hate missing appointments,
waking up in the night.

So if you put a string,
around my big toe,
and expect me to scream,
and remember where to go.

That won't work, cuz,
can't feel that toe.
Pull all you want,
and I still won't know.

Amazing things happen,
and I remember just in time.
Something just prompts me,
without reason or rhyme.

I am always focused,
on one thing at a time.
But the busy world around me,
is multitasking prime.

So please forgive me,
if, I don’t do what I said.
Have to hurry up,
or this poem won't get read.

I’m sure I had,
a killer last line.
But forgot what is was,
so, until next time…


reminder-finger by OCAL

reminder-finger by OCAL


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