Flower Power

Never underestimate the power of a flower,
to raise one's spirit at its lowest hour.

When drought ravages the land,
the flowers' sweet nectar is still at hand.

The flowers' allure to the birds and the bees,
turns the cycle of life with seasonal ease.

Flowers may lie dormant for a decade or more,
then, with gentle rain, rise as strong as before.

Coloring the landscape and bringing it joy,
sweet fragrance flowing its sensual ploy.

Telling all creatures large and small,
that it's time to mate and savor it all.

For there comes a time when the flower will wither,
the cold winds will blow and all creatures will shiver.

But come the spring, new buds will form,
the land comes alive under the sun so warm.

And the flower, once again raises hopes on high,
for there is no more powerful favorite under the sky.

Than the flower.

Autumn Path in Maine - Dawn Bushong

This summer there was little rain. 
Still, we found this seven-foot tall
lantana (butterfly bush) growing in
the power line r-o-w behind my
house.  It was planted either by
throwing cuttings over the fence or by birds.

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