There's nothing unusual,
about the sweet rain.
It comes to the mountain,
it comes to the plain.

It all comes together,
from tributaries small.
Into mighty rivers,
that perpetually fall.

Replenishing life,
and quenching its thirst.
A cycle of living,
that always comes first.

The rivers rise,
and the rivers fall.
With periods of drought,
and then, flood for all.

The water is so inviting,
All want to be near.
But living close to water,
can also bring fear.

For the rain comes quickly
in a mighty storm.
If it rains too long,
more than the norm.

The dry creek may fill,
in a frantic flash flood.
Sweeping away everything,
and leaving only filthy mud.

Or the river may rise,
overflowing its bank,
taking everything before it,
regardless of rank.

For nature is mindless,
of good or of evil.
It continues its course,
its playing field level.

For those who learn,
from high water's wrath,
by building high above,
from its destructive path.

For those who did not heed,
mother nature's nuances,
destruction and death their reward,
for taking those chances.

Flooding on My Street

My street flooding a block east of my house.
The water was much higher at 2 am 5/26/15
that morning and disappeared by 9 am. No
houses were flooded, but cars in the street were.

After four hours of very heavy rain with continuous
thunder and lightning, we received 10.3 inches
in our 10 mile by 10 mile (100 square miles)
neighborhood of Houston. The entire city of
over 2 million people received street flooding
with, perhaps, thousands of cars flooded
in the streets. We were high and dry, but many,
perhaps more than the 4000 homes estimated,
got water in them from the street flooding or
the more devastating, bayous (concrete ditches)
over their banks and into the neighborhoods.
Fortunately, only eight people lost their lives,
primarily by driving into high water in the
middle of the night.

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