Floating on a Muse

I was floating on a muse one day,
when I saw you float into my play.
A more beautiful sight, day or night,
has never before come my way.

Like a butterfly on a summer breeze,
I flitted in and out with ease.
Intoxicated by your scent.
Your taste was heaven sent.

Like a bottle in the ocean deep,
I floated to my appointment keep.
You found me on a distant shore,
and fell in love with my lore.

Like an eagle in the highest tree,
I saw you far below, wild and free.
I flew down to snatch you up,
when you're down I lift you up.

Like a painting by a master's brush,
my fire for you is quite a rush.
I cover your body with kissing strokes,
while the fine outline of your love uncloaks.

Like a tapestry of fine brocade,
I came to your trouble with open aid.
You sewed me into a loving cup.
From which each evening I fondly sup.

Like a stallion galloping on the plain,
I ride the wind and love the rain.
With you astride my big strong back,
you make up for all I lack.

And if my muse dries up one day,
we will still float upon the fray.
Your love will keep me whole,
until we face the final roll.


Busy Bee Logo by Beh

Beh's Logo

Drawn by Beh
Colored by Ron


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